Now taking food orders!

Hello everyone!

I am finally working on launching a menu feature so that people living locally can order various baked goods. I’m not able to ship just yet, so sorry! If you are in the New Port Richey/Tampa area though, I will be offering delivery to most places. You can also pick up your order at my home.

Here is the list of items I am currently offering for sale:

Chocolate chip cookies – $8/dozen

Calories-72, fat-6.4g, protein-1.6g, total carbs-2.4g, fiber-.8g, net carbs-1.6g

Ingredients include almond flour, coconut flour, erythritol, monkfruit, eggs, and unsweetened chocolate chips.

Almond ricotta cookies – $6/dozen ( these are bite sized cookies)

Calories-50, fat-4g, protein-1.2g, total carbs-1.1g, fiber-.4g, net carbs-.7g

Ingredients include almond flour, erythritol, monkfruit, ricotta cheese, eggs, and almond milk.

Brownies – $8/8 brownies

Calories-137, fat-13g, protein-2g, total carbs-4g, fiber-2g, net carbs-2g

Ingredients include almond flour, butter, monk fruit, erythritol, eggs, and unsweetened cacao.

Pumpkin pie $25/8.5 inch pie – ( add homemade whipped cream $5)

Calories-325, fat-24g, protein-6g, total carbs-13g, fiber-7g, net carbs-6g

Ingredients include coconut flour, erythritol, monkfruit, stevia, eggs, pumpkin puree, and heavy cream.

Plain unsweetened cheesecake – $25/9.5 inch round

Calories-240, fat-24g, protein-5.3g, carbs 5.3g

Ingredients include cream cheese, eggs, and sour cream.

Cinnamon donuts – $12/ half-dozen

Calories-255, fat-23g, protein-5g, total carbs-4.5g, fiber-1.8g, net carbs-2.7g

Ingredients include almond flour, almond milk, erythritol, and eggs.

Peanut butter chocolate fat bombs – $10/20 pieces

Calories-64, fat-6.1g, protein-1.8g, carbs-1g

Ingredients include peanut butter, erythritol, coconut oil, and unsweetened cacao.

Chocolate covered truffles -$20/50 pieces (Filling options: raspberry, red velvet, mint, banana, vanilla, maple)

Calories-41, fat-3.5g, protein-.53g, total carbs-2.6g, fiber-.53, net carbs-1.83g

Ingredients include cream cheese, coconut oil, erythritol, stevia, heavy cream, food coloring

Sea salt pretzels – $18/dozen

Calories-220, fat-18g, protein-11g, total carbs-3g, fiber-1g, net carbs-1g

Ingredients include almond flour, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, eggs, and yeast.

Psyllium husk rolls – $8/half-dozen

Calories-170, fat-13g, protein-7g, total carbs-8g, fiber-6g, net carbs-2g

Ingredients include almond flour, psyllium husk fiber, apple cider vinegar, and eggs.

Please note nutritional information is provided as a guideline. It is calculated using an online nutrition tool at You should always take responsibility for your own health be aware of what you are putting in your body.

I will be adding more items as I feel they are ready for sale. I am also working on getting an order form on the website. Please message or email me with your orders at this time, and leave a good confirmation contact.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Thank you!



  1. Hi….I’ve just binge read all your blogs. They were excellent! I live in Australia so thought you’d like to know your blogs are reaching us down under.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I believe I responded to you a while ago but just double checking through my comments. My number is 813-361-6117 if you don’t already have it.

  2. Nicole, Did I meet you yesterday at Venus salon? You said you had a bakery in Trinity, Fl but I can’t find a website for it. Thanks, Jane

    1. Hi Jane, yes you did. I actually bake out of my home. My clients pick up there or I can deliver/meet up in the general area.

  3. I’m non Keto and all of nicoles Keto treats are AMAZING the pretzels are life! Order up you won’t regret it 🙂

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